“Love the world Make it green.”

10 Jan

I love the way my 13 months old daughter makes me to think through her natural photo and silence feelings about the greenery, which is vanishing away from the world and artificiality is capturing the world. Where is nature going?


                                  “One tender mind works help many of us”

Her tender mind   knows that the present generation is least bothered to save the greenery, so she requests the world to prevent the nature for the coming generation to enjoy the natural environment and also to eat leafy vegetables to keep hale and hearty. We are born to enjoy the natural beauty and eat fresh eatables. Fenugreek, spinach etc are healthy to eat and grow them with natural procedure. It checks the disease, makes you to love the nature and your entire environment. Don’t you want to adopt the steps I am preaching you! Woh! That’s the spirit so come and join me and take the oath “To Love the Nature and plant the trees of margosa, peepal etc. as they provide oxygen every time ………..”


                                “Greenery is our life

                                  Nature is the boon

                             Save the wonderful world

                         That has fantastic colors of life”